Made to Order Witches Potions Roombox . UV glow in the dark detail 1:32 scale diorama. This OOAK little room is made from wood, many other materials and embellished with specially selected, bottles and other items. The potions, scrolls, candles, and all the many little Items are are all specially made by hand or sourced by me then the room is treated in various places with special phosphorescent paint to glow in the dark and finish the scene. It has a loose spell book which can be read! The Table is lit by battery tea light overal size w14cm x h12.5xm x 10cm deep / w5.5in x h5in x 4in deep inside room size w9cm x h12cm x 6cm / w3.5in x h4.5 x 2.5in NOTE. UV paint detail is phosphorescent (glow in the dark) or fluorescent (shines under blacklight). The best way to view the UV element is with a UV torch. The Room Box will charge in daylight a bit then if you put it somewhere dark it will show. I includew a small UV light pen but a black light tube is the most effective, but very expensive and for a small item like this a bit excessive! I recommend the following item because it is not too expensive but is very effective: 21 LED UV Ultra Violet Flashlight Blacklight Torch Light Lamp.

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