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I have been a Writer since the age of 15. Over the past 30 years I have had many poems, articles and stories published, a few books of poetry, an Aromatherapy Notebook and a Vegan cookbook. Even during my careers as an artist, costumier and entertainer I always found outlets for my writing, becoming the East Anglian review contributor for Heckler magazine and as reporter for the local paper. In the 90's I had a book deal on the cards but fate took a hand and my life went in a different direction - as is often the case.
I became a high school art & textiles teacher and gained 5 degrees including an M.Ed and counselling qualifications.
On 27th September 2022 my dream, as a 15 year old, to write my autobiography when I retire finally came to fruition and
 'IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! and William the Conqueror's Grandfather' 
was finally published in my family name of Tricia Frances deGray.
On researching my autobiography I found that my family of Gray / Grey was well documented going back over a thousand years and a number of countries.
In Summer of 2023 and after teaching it for 30 years my meditation and personal development book
SECRETGARDEN - The Journey to Find a better You was published.

I am currently working on my final poetry book, 'Tales of Myth and Legend' (which includes some short stories) and a series of Family History books, 'It's All About My Ancestors' each covering around 200 years, looking at the fashions, homes, and culture of my family at the time.

You can find out more about my family history project here Tricia Frances deGray 

I live in Norwich UK where I write downstairs in my office and create art upstairs in my studio - the perfect combination!