Tricia Frances deGray Author
A Writer and Artist since the age of 15, I have had many poems, articles and stories published, and a few books of poetry and a Vegan cookbook. I had worked as a costumier for 20 years but always found outlets for my writing, becoming the East Anglian review contributor for Heckler magazine and as reporter for the local paper. In the 90's I had a book deal on the cards but fate took a hand and my life went in a different direction - as is often the case. I became a high school art & textiles teacher and have 4 and half degrees including an M.Ed.
I am now working on my Autobiography 'IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!' - 'William the Conquerors Grandfather' .
On researching my autobiography I found that my family of Gray / Grey was well documented going back hundreds of years and spanned many countries.
Knowing at the age of 15 that I would write this book when I retire, it is finally happening and due for release this year on 27th September 2022
I live in Norwich with my adopted fish. I write downstairs in my office and create art upstairs in my studio - the perfect combination!