Hi and welcome.

Here I have brought you news of my events and workshops and showcase my books and creations over the years. But I have decided to retire!! Finally I am at an age where I think its time to spend my days gardening, creating and writing without deadlines and business to worry about!

I will be selling off my huge stock of art & craft supplies so click the FB link Tricia.Frances.ArtEvents  if you would like to find out more about that or click on the Author or Artist sections to find out who I am! 

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Finally I completed Secret Garden last year. It is a personal development and meditation book, based on a technique which I first started to develop 30 years ago. Since that time I have taught it to thousands of people in the UK and beyond. The book was published in June 2023 and the Book Launch was on 2&3 September 2023 @ The Halls, Norwich during the Festival of Wellness. 

More info here or buy it here Secret Garden signed with Notebook

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I will be running the last Secret Garden course starting June 2024. Keep an eye on my Events & Workshops page for more info.


In September 2022 I published my autobiography It's All About Me! & William the Conqueror's Grandfather  which tells my story and my subsequent research into my ancestors' The House of Gray.

I will continue to research for my book about my family, looking at the culture, fashions and lives of my direct Ancestors. Who knows I might even get the book finished!!

Watch this Space!        Tricia Frances