ART TEDS with Attitude! KITS Make your very own OOAK Hand Painted and stitched Art Dolls. lots of Colours Lots of colours to choose from based on my OOAK collectables: PRINCESS VIOLET,= Purple. VALENTINO & CANDY = Pink. FOREST = Apple Green. SUMMER = Yellow. BLANCHE = White. Bride or Day of the Dead Ted. HOLLY & JINGLE = Christmas Green. ( Jingle is the male version of Holly and not shown in pics) ! All items to make your Ted are in the pack. You just need scissors and a needle. The Ted will take a few days to dry before you can dress them, but whilst thats happening you can make a start on the clothes. All patterns are included. plus a glittery gift bag. My Art Teds (Like Art Doll but a Ted!) are unique and created individually. Each one is wearing clothes made from specially hand dyed fabrics to match its personality, except for Holly who is wearing bought fabrics. Yours will be more like her, with pre dyed fabrics. Teds are 9" tall and each comes with a pattern to make a jumpsuit and dresses or pant suits. They come in a clear poly bag. NOTE. THIS IS FOR THE KIT - NOT THE FINISHED COLLECTORS TED. See other listing for those.

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