BOXES. . Framed Acrylic Painting A2 60x50cm Painting of my studio! Acrylic paint on canvas board with tan colour frame. when do we actually stop owning an object – is it when we hide it away in a back room as in the painting or is it when we give or throw it away? When it gets to the tip does it then cease to be our property? What if our name is on it, like in a postal address label? Does that make it still ours? And what happens to our belongings when we pass – do they then belong to others? If so why do those people that inherit them still refer to them as ours? And what about the painting? Is it a piece of Art or if placed in that room would it then become Rubbish with the rest of it? Note these images are reproduced here in a reduced quality or with watermark for copyright reasons

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