15 Jan

It's All About My Ancestors!

Whilst writing my autobiography 'It's All About Me & William the Conquerors Grandfather' in 2022 I came across a very interesting family tree (it might give a clue in the title!)  which I wrote about in part 5. This led me to start working on a series of books related to those findings, where I will be investigating 250 years of my family, their lives, fashions, homes, society and culture of that time in each book. This is a very exciting and time consuming project where I expect I will fall down more than a few rabbit holes on the way! This books will be written in my family name of Gray.

Poem Book 2

I plan to finish my poetry book. I have all the poems, just need to organise them into the book. I have already published book 1 & 3.

Art & Craft Activity book

This book will be based on some of my favourite creations over the 40 years of working in the genre. From costumes to dreamcatchers, watercolour painting to crochet. Some techniques I invented, some are old favourites. 

Allergy Free Cookbook.

I started to write this book about 10 years ago as a follow on from my Glad to be Vegan cookbook.

I suffer from some unusual food allergies and food intolerances and I have never been able to find a cookbook that caters for my diet - so I thought I would write one! Not an easy job. But since revisiting this recently I have discovered more people that have similar unusual allergies. So this project is now a work in progress.

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