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Sumi-e Original Art

Washi Gifts

Washi is Japanese masking tape. It comes in many bright colors often with Kawaii patterns. I use expensive fabric Washi tape for my albums and pegs and less costly paper or vinyl tape for my candles and other items.

Sumi-e is Traditional Japanese Black Ink Wash painting.
I use watercolors and black ink for my Sumi-e.
At the moment I have 3 styles; framed 6 x 6" paintings at £20 for lavender & ink or £30 for multicolor. And mount card 3 x 6" paintings unframed £10.


Beautiful silks, dyed individually by hand along with my printed textile designs are based on Nature. Digitally printed Monets Flowers series or specially hand rusted and dyed textiles using actual trees and woody plants for color and design. I integrate my textiles with my Sashiko Japanese embroidered pieces. Each of these works are made individually to order.

Japanese Sumie


Sorry I am now out of Lavender and i will not be restocking.

Each year I select a new Art theme and a craft project.
This year the words 'Washi with a touch of Lavender' kept into my head and I decided to turn it into a craft project that fits beside my Japanese Sumi-e paintings & Sashiko embroidery.

On this page you will find various items but you might find more on my etsy page here.
I love inventing new things, so this project gives me this opportunity.
If you have an ideas that you would like to see realised please contact me so we can discuss it.
Email or message me through the contacts page or here.

Any prices quoted are for stock items, a small amount is added to special orders. You will be notified of this before work starts.
Tricia x

Garden Sculptures

Stunning Ammonites cast from white cement using molds created with actual ammonites. Crystals and Iron Pyrite are added to the mix. As the sculptures evolve the crystals come to the surface.
Available in all sizes from 3" to 18". Some are cast with central holes for candles to add more sparkle to your garden or patio.

Email me for prices or buy stock items from my Ebay shop:

or from my Etsy shop:

Last Years Project Aurora Series

I work in a variety of ways, my preferred mediums are Acrylic paint, plaster, and silk. The items in the photos were available in all colors and sizes.
Here is an example of my Aurora box frames painted in blue for a special order. This photo is reproduced with kind permission form one of my clients who as you can see wanted somewhere to display her sea shells.

My Picture frames with sharons shells shaza-green@hotmail.com 2

Lovely wooden boxes, mirrors & picture frames painted in colors to match your decor & Original Acrylic Aurora Artwork