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97 trees flight 7 clean 97 trees flight 7 clean 97 trees flight 7 clean ! Finished room encased

What are Graffitos?

Otherwise known as Light Paintings, a Graffito uses light to create an abstract image. I thought they looked like a kind of photographic graffiti and named them Graffito.

I am into simple photo techniques and apart from cropping, never use filters or software, What I see is what you get! With Graffitos its the camera that sees. I have developed a way to control what I take, although never absolutely sure of the outcome I am often pleasantly suprised .

I created my first Graffito by accident in Toronto in 2008! The hotel we were staying in boasted 'opening windows' and in an effort to get my hand out of the 6 x 3 inch 'open window' to take a pic overlooking Toronto, the movement of the camera and the lights in the night sky created an image which I rather liked!

I have now had some time to research this technique - as I was sure that I couldnt be the first to discover it! It is known as Light Painting,  Camera Painting or Light Graffiti and info can be found on Wikipedia and light painting photography .com

Man Ray was the first artist to explore the technique, although as far back as 1889 researchers had been studying movement and light and capturing it with photography.

I have taught this technique now to my students and have used it myself many times. Some of my favourite images I took in Vegas in May 2009 - the most perfect place for Graffitos!


I run Introductory Graffito workshops and talks and often exhibit my work. Check the diary for dates and places.                


"I am into simple photo techniques and apart from cropping, I use no filters or image editing programs....


What I see is what you get!"

Studio Graffito Yellow Sparkle

This is from my new series. The Sparkle's are different to all my other works as they are enriched with a lightly sparkling paint which when placed near light catch you eye as they shimmer.


First Toronto Graffito   Nov 2008

Aquarius. 2009